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Teaching Assistant

Duke University

PS160: Introduction to Security, Peace, and Conflict (Fall 2017, 2018)

  • Designed and led weekly discussion sections 

  • Teaching evaluation score: 4.8/5.0 (Fall 2017) 

  • Teaching evaluation score: 5.0/5.0 (Fall 2018, Head TA) 

PS497: American Grand Strategy Through Film, Undergraduate Seminar (Spring 2018)


Georgetown University 

ASST511: International Political Economy of East Asia, Graduate Seminar (Fall 2014)

Invited Guest Lectures

"North Korea: America's Security Trilemma in Northeast Asia" 

  • John Quincy Adams Society Summer Institute (July 2021)

"Nuclear Weapons in U.S. National Security" 

  • University of Cincinnati POL2083: U.S. National Security: Institutions, Process, and Policy (April 2021)​

"The Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction"

  • Duke University PS160: Introduction to Security, Peace, and Conflict (Fall 2017, Fall 2018)​

"Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation" 

  • Duke University PS365: American Foreign Policy (Spring 2018) ​

"Current Events: What to make of the North Korean situation?" 

  • ​Duke University PS160: Introduction to Security, Peace, and Conflict (Fall 2017) ​

Course Development

Duke University

PS279: Political Science and You, Undergraduate professional development course

  • With Curtis Bram and Elliot Mamet​

PS763: Foundational Scholarship in International Relations, Graduate Seminar 

  • With Professor Joseph Grieco​

Experiential Learning: Staff Rides (Helped plan/lead)

Duke University American Grand Strategy Program 

  • The Tet Offensive, Vietnam (Winter 2017) 

  • Battle of Gettysburg, PA, USA (Spring 2017) 

  • WWI Endgame, Belgium and France (Spring 2018) 

  • Operation Torch, Gibraltar and Morocco (Spring 2019)

Pedagogical Workshops and Certificates

Fall Teaching Conference, Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University (Fall 2023)

  • Equitable and Inclusive Teaching Workshop

Certificate in College Teaching, Duke University (2021) 

  • Coursework

    • GS750: Fundamentals of College Teaching (Spring 2019)​

    • GS767: College Teaching, Diverse Learns and Contentious Issues (Spring 2019)

  • Workshop and Training

    • Teaching Triangles (Fall 2018)​

Undergraduate Teaching Workshop on Grand Strategy, University of Notre Dame International Security Center (Spring 2021) 

Honors and Awards

Duke University

  • Student Nominee, Dean's Award for ​Excellence in Mentoring (2019-2020)

  • Departmental Nominee, Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2018-2019)

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